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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Move multiple apps at once with iOS 11

Little by little Apple goes forgetting its closed systems to offer its users a software with more personalization and with more benefits . This is the case of iOS 11 , which will come with very interesting news as the "drag and drop" function.
This morning we published a new article in which we mentioned that a developer discovered the hidden drag and drop function on the iPhone. Thanks to this feature, which will be available on iPad, a user can move various elements such as photographs, videos, texts or links between different applications.
Although not available on the iPhone, this iOS 11 feature becomes another very interesting utility that allows you to move multiple applications at the same time . Something very useful when creating a folder, organize your home screen or move apps to a new page.
Move Apps on iOS 11
As we said, Apple is slowly putting aside the restrictions and limitations of its mobile operating system . Last year the Cupertino company allowed to remove native iOS applications , and this time will allow to move several applications at the same time. But ... how will it be done?

How to move multiple applications at once in iOS 11

1. Keep your finger on an application icon.
2. Start moving the icon of that app, meanwhile, click on the icon of another application to add it to the list of elements to move.
3. Continue adding applications using the method in step 2.
4. Once you have added all the applications you want to move, point your finger (without releasing it from the screen) to the new page or folder.
5. Release your finger and the applications should move to the desired location.
6. Press the Home button to exit iOS edition mode.
Move Apps on iOS 11
Have not you been very clear how to move many apps at the same time? Check out the video!

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