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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mozilla Firefox, faster in its new version

Mozilla Firefox, one of the fastest browsers, will be even faster in its search thanks to its developers have activated by default the multi processes and that is why it will be much faster our navigation. In addition, they will give you less use of RAM, so those teams with limited resources will have a better experience with Firefox 54 .

Mozilla Firefox, as its rivals, also improves

Google Chrome is getting faster and faster, adapting to the performance of your system. In WWDC 2017, Apple also announced performance improvements for its Safari browser in the High Sierra version of the Macs. In the same way Firefox will now see improvements in its next version.
Mozilla Firefox 54
The new version of Mozilla Firefox will be faster and safer.
The developers of the cross-platform browser, announced yesterday that its new version Firefox 54 would count on a lower use of RAM.  It will also give you greater speed in the search and make the sessions with multiple tabs more stable thanks to the default use of multiprocessing.

Not only faster, but also safer.

What else will it improve? Well, with Firefox 54 the number of processes has increased from 1 to 4 . This means that now with 4 tabs open, the browser will use four different processes making this way, those who consume more and are more complex, do not have as much impact on the performance of the browser and therefore the system itself.
The developers have put a lot of emphasis on the performance section, however it is known that the users themselves will be able to modify the maximum number of processes that may have assets with the browser.
Security has been another key section when introducing Firefox 54, since another of the changes that will incorporate the nageador will be the Burmese language , a change in the mobile bookmarks to the main folder and the simplification of the download button and the panel Which performs this function. At the end, the system will provide up to 23 patches that will make the downloads safer.
In the multiple tests that have been submitted by the browser on a Mac, have concluded that it is much faster and more efficient than Chrome or Safari due to the aforementioned decrease in the use of RAM.
The creators of the browser have also wanted to focus on direct competition with Chrome and have wanted to compare both. In that comparison have stated that while Chrome consumes hundreds of MB of RAM in its multi threaded, Firefox what it does is reuse the processes and engines of content to limit the use of memory.
You can already download the new version of Mozilla Firefox on its website by clicking here .

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