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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My first impressions on iOS 11

Well yes, I took the plunge and downloaded and installed the latest version of iOS , the number 11 that was presented last week at WWDC in San Jose, California. In the first instance was very reluctant to do so because these beta versions, and especially this, usually come with many bugs and bugs. The first few batches we know are not the best .
The download file for an iPhone 7 Plus has a weight of 2 GB and the installation did not take too long. Once configured I could see that there were already some changes , do you want to know them?

Aesthetics renewed

At first I do not like it very much, or at least it does not call me too much because I see it different, it will be a matter of going giving it time. In some places like Messages may seem poor, remember this typography much when Apple Music was renewed. App Store and iTunes icons are new .

Control center

They say that it is the revolution. It attracts a lot of attention and this control center is configurable, in such a way that you can add or remove functionalities. I added Wallet, Screen Record, Alarm Clock and Do Not Disturb while driving.Iphone 8 with iOS 11


A great success to my understanding. When you do this, you can edit that capture before saving it or sending it to a contact . If you choose this last option, it asks if you later want to save or delete it.IOS 11

Screen recording

Another thing we missed . To those who work in the education sector we are very well able to make a video of our walks on the screens of our iPhone. Bravo by Apple.

Files folder

It installs automatically and as its name indicates is a file manager, something that many users were missing .

Health Application

Face washing of one of the most mouth-filling tools. More friendly and intuitive . Those of Cupertino join the welfare car.

What is to be polished

A lot, obviously. We did not pretend that Apple would remove a system with minimal errors, and to go shape it will be in charge of the developers in the different betas that are published until its final version in the autumn . There are notable failures such as Bluetooth, whose icon always appears at the top even though the control center is off. The same as AirDrop, always appears as connected. As always, wish you to leave us your comments on this version if you had the opportunity to try it. What do you ask Apple to implement in successive deliveries?

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