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Friday, June 9, 2017

New report shows a brand new concept of the front of the iPhone 8

After seeing last Monday the WWDC 2017 and to know what will be iOS 11 and the renewal of the iPad Pro. By the dates in which are usually released the new versions of the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, everything would point to this iPhone 8 would already come with iOS 11 implemented, bringing with it certain newly filtered features.

New iPhone 8 Design

Until September comes we still have to see many leaks or concepts of the next Apple iPhone. The latest report comes from iDropnews in which we can see how this next iPhone would have a completely renovated design.
We focus mainly on the screen, in which you can see how they have done a kind of trimming in the speaker area, FaceTime camera and sensors. As you can see, this iPhone always carries the same rumor: the absence of bevels, or really small bezels. Another aspect described in this report is that it will incorporate a laser and an infrared sensor in the front. In addition it is said that it will incorporate a double 3D camera for recognition of the iris and the face. Something very spoken, and almost assured, is the double vertical camera.

And where will the Touch ID be placed?

It remains a question mark. Some rumors point to that it will go in the back, others that will be incorporated in the screen itself in a virtual way and finally, that will be incorporated into an area of ​​functions. In this concept, the Touch ID would be incorporated into the OLED technology screen itself . Will it be like this or not?
Another aspect that worries and dislikes in equal parts to the users is related to the wireless load. According to iDropNews, this next iPhone will incorporate the wireless load, which will be possible thanks to its glass design. There are many opinions for and against the wireless charge. We will see how this is resolved.
However, it should be remembered that all these are concepts based on rumors and sometimes are totally imaginary, conceived according to the desires of the creators. As I always say, there are still many months left and concepts and readers will continue to appear on iPhone 8 cases, but until the day of the September Keynote we will not see what the Apple iPhone 8 really is, the iPhone, we could say, more wanted by all Users of the bite apple brand. For while, I leave you a gallery so you can see this concept of iDropNews

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