Friday, June 2, 2017

Photos of the alleged iPhone 8 show a Touch ID sensor on the back

Our confidant in China today sent us very realistic photos where we can see what appears to be an iPhone 8 with a fingerprint sensor on the back of the terminal, just below the Apple logo.
As we see, the photos show us what seems to be an actual iPhone 8 although we have to take all this with enough excepticism because it could also be one of the test models that are used for usability testing before beginning mass production of the machine. Our confidant has always shown us real pictures on multiple occasions, and has never sent us false information so we understand that this could actually be one of the iPhones that Apple present within a few months.
IPhone 8 Assumption
In the past there has been much speculation about whether Apple had been able to integrate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor below the screen as described in one of its patents, but it is possible that due to manufacturing costs or a low rate of correct units Manufactured, have opted for a conventional sensor in the back, as we see in these images. Perhaps the reason is that they have never managed to work just as well by placing it under the screen ... any possibility is feasible.
IPhone 8 Assumption
IPhone 8 Assumption
Update : A photo of the frontal has appeared via Benjamin Geskin , and he indicates that it is a fake , that is, false. According to it says, Touch ID will be integrated in the screen.
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