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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Privacy increases on iOS 11

On Monday, June 5, the most anticipated event was held by users and developers of the Cupertino company, the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). In this meeting between customers and Apple senior officials, a lot of new features were presented by the apple bite company, among them was the company's long-awaited new operating system, macOS High Sierra , an almost complete upgrade Its catalog and the new software that will use the iPhone, iOS 11.
The iOS 11 has had to cause a lot of headaches to the developers, since they have changed things that we did not expect to see changes, like the change of the system that the App Store used for the applications, which was 32 bits, by the new And much better 64 bit system .

Our privacy as Apple's priority

IOS 11
Our privacy and privacy are one of the qualities we are looking for today when it comes to buying a device, both a mobile phone and a computer. With the new operating system that iPhone has built-in, we will have access to privacy settings in certain applications, such as not allowing Instagram or Facebook to make use of our geographical position 24 hours a day.
Before the only way to make an app not use our application without our permission was not allowing this or simply disable this option, but this way not only we would not have an app in particular, but all at once. With the release of iOS 11, Apple has brought to light a third option, just let the tools of our smartphone make use of the location when we are using them , that is, within them.
This will not only improve the privacy and privacy of Apple, but using the location just enough we will save a lot of battery , as many are accustomed to disable the application when it is not necessary due to this particular reason .

Soon will be ours

Ios 11 on ipad and iphone
Unfortunately, iOS 11 is not yet within our reach , this is because it is still under the microscope of developers , because it has flaws to polish. We are waiting with open hands for this new software, given that the Cupertino have said that the public beta will be open in July for iPhone and iPad users, have also announced that by September will officially reach all Apple users.

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