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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Protect your iPhone or iPad from the sun

This weekend we suffer from temperatures of aúpa and with this we must take the precautions to avoid excessive heating of our iPhone or iPad. Its metal cover and, in certain cases, its dark color, can cause the temperature of the device to increase and we find a warning message on the screen. Without being alarmed, it is time to act.

Why is this happening?

It is only a safety system that warns of a high temperature of the device, alerts the user to operate accordingly and proceed to avoid damages. As we know, these gadgets carry a battery and many electronic components in the form of a chip that, when working, cause high temperatures. If we add exposure to the sun, we have problems. Anyway, and if it is the case that we get one, if we follow some recommendations everything returns to normal.
Third-generation iPad with warming problems
When this alarm is generated, several indicators appear. If you are trying to make a photo with flash and this is not operative it is for that reason. Your iPhone is starting to overheat . If the temperature is high, the device will try to protect its components by limiting the use of antennas, paralyzing the battery charge or minimizing the brightness on the screen. Do not wait any longer and act .
  1. If you have not already done so, remove it from direct sunlight . Many times it goes on the dashboard tray of our car and we do not notice.
  2. Remove the sling . They do not stop being "coats" and some do not help at all to refrigerate the device, especially the ones of dark color and of plastic material.
  3. Turn off the device. Doing so will cool faster , as your electronic components that are working and generating heat, will stop.
  4. If you are charging it, unplug it . In addition, as a safety measure and when this alert is generated, the load slows or even stops.

Risk situations

You will have to be especially careful in the following circumstances:
  1. If you are to take the device to the beach. The temperatures are high and together with the humidity can wreak havoc .
  2. If you have a long time in the open, imagine a barbecue in the garden. Protect it from direct sunlight .
  3. Keep away from heat sources . An evening evening by a fire is something idyllic, maybe not so much for your iPhone.
  4. Car. Our vehicles can become real ovens. Never leave it inside .
We know that summer knocks on the door and not for that we are going to stop enjoying the functionalities that the iPhone or iPad offers us. Follow these tips to make it safe and lasting for many years. Leave us your recommendations in comments and continue enjoying the content that we provide daily.

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