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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rayz Rally: A Portable Speaker Option for iPhone

All iPhone users give more or less use to apps, depending on their lifestyle. In addition to these needs third-party companies are always developing accessories to please them. In this opportunity, the Japanese Pioneer, has presented a new device ideal for those users looking to enhance the operation of the speaker of your iPhone.
The iPhone speaker introduced by Pioneer is characterized by being the first to operate with Lightning technology and has been christened Rayz Rally.

Rayz Rally connects to iPhone via Lightning connection

This new gadget will be especially useful for those users who usually communicate, using the hands-free mode for conferences or other activities that require excellent sound quality and for which the iPhone speaker falls short.
Among other advantages that this device shows, it has an additional connection to charge the iPhone battery while it is in use, and does not require Bluetooth to connect to the device as such, as the Rayz Rally works through the integrated port Lightning on the iPhone.

Externally, the Rayz Rally is a rather small rectangular device that lets you see a speaker and a single button to use to play, mute or pause ongoing calls.
Pioneer has announced that this speaker will have an application available for iOS to manage any updates that it requires in the future.
Currently, the Rayz Rally is available in white, gray and black and has a value that is around 100 euros, without shipping costs. If you are in the group of users that really takes advantage of this type of devices, at the moment you can only get it on the online Apple website and within a few months in the Apple Store around the world.

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