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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reasons why you should buy a Mac before another PC

This Monday was the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), the most anticipated event by fans and loyal followers of Apple. In this conference keynote present the products that our beloved company of the apple is planning to release to the market soon , like the new iMac. They also showed us the long awaited new software that will have our iPhone and iPad, iOS 11 .
With the complete renewal of both its range of laptops and desktops , there is still one question that shocks us today: Why should I buy an iMac or MacBook before anyone else? There are many disadvantages when buying one of these, for most of us is its high price, but the truth is that they are worth it .

Prices drop

Apple Money
If the pocket allows you, you should buy a Mac without hesitation, as we said a moment ago, one of the biggest problems when acquiring one was its price, but now that its cost has dropped considerably compared to previous models , you have Another plus point, of course without lowering the quality and performance that these wonderful equipment offer.
Whenever we were watching TV or a movie, most of the computers we see, especially notebooks, are usually MacBook, what's the point? Very simple, its speed is amazing and more now that they have implemented Intel 7th generation processors , their compatibility with everything related to work apart from their comfort and a lot of other reasons.
MacBook concept without keyboard
The clearest point in favor of computers made by the apple bite company is its reliability. The average life span of an iMac is usually around 7 years , sometimes even more, but its equivalent in Microsoft, can be proud if it passes the mark of 2 years , that is, its warranty.
Are you tired of formatting your Windows computer? When buying an Apple computer you will not have to worry about this anymore, this is because when you delete an application or a program in macOS, it is deleted forever , without leaving the trace left in the operating system of Microsoft.
More and more people are going to the incredible world of Mac, what are you waiting for? You will give it the same use as your computer for a lifetime, only this will last longer, will yield better and will not give you any problem when making any changes.

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