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Friday, June 2, 2017

Robots Factory, the application of the week for iPhone and iPad

Again, Apple has returned to select a new app of the week for iPhone and iPad, and this time is " Factory of Robots ", a game for iPhone and iPad whose name suggests, is to manufacture all kinds Of robots.
  • Build thousands of unique robots.
  • Try your robots to see if they are going to walk, run, jump, fly or crash and burn.
  • Realistic physics-based movement.
  • Try robots in real situations.
  • Record the sounds of your own robot.
  • Collect your robots. Keep them under surveillance, day or night!
  • Intuitive design, safe and suitable for children.
  • Multi-user system: Each child can create and save their own robots.
  • Entertainment for children and adults alike.

Construct them with laser eyes, exoskeletons, spider legs, super brains, mechanical butterfly wings, hydraulic tentacles, monstrous feet, hooks, tweezers, magnets, and more!
In short, this is a game specially designed for the little ones of the house , a place where they can experience all kinds of creations and give free rein to their imagination thanks to the multitude of possibilities that are offered.
Robot Factory is available for free (until June 8) and is universal .
The Tinybop robot factory (AppStore Link) The Tinybop 
Robot Factory Developer: Tinybop Inc.

Rated: 4+3.5
Price: Free

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