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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Safari, discover the most interesting tricks

Safari is the browser that Apple has in its devices and we must recognize that it is our faithful ally to surf the digital ocean. Today we present some tricks easy to remember and that will undoubtedly give an improved experience to your day to day . We go beyond the typical erase of history .

Get going

Prepared? Well, hold your breath for curves.

Close multiple windows at once

It is normal to accumulate open windows and we usually close them one at a time. There is a simpler method of holding down the icon of two overlapping squares. It gives us the option either to open a new window or close at once those that are open .

Reading mode

It is an easier way to read. To activate it press the 4 horizontal stripes that appear to the left, in the address bar. It remains the clear text and photos of the page, in addition to disappear advertising. It's like reading a text document .

Recover closed tabs

Imagine that you accidentally, or not, have closed a page that interested you and left half. You want to retrieve it for later. You can return to it by pressing the two overlapping squares and then pressing the + symbol .

Send page by AirDrop

We recently talked about the advantages of using AirDrop . To send a page by AirDrop to another device you will have to press the central icon, which is a square with an arrow and that means "Share". Activate AirDrop at the top and select the contact to whom you want to send the page .

Restrict web pages

Ideal if we share devices with minors and at some point are not supervised. To do this, follow the path Settings> General> Restrictions> Activate restrictions . It will ask for a code that we have to enter 2 times, and done this we will go down Allowed content> Websites , where by default all are allowed. There we will limit the content for adults or the web pages that interest us.

Activate desktop version

The web pages we see on the iPhone or iPad are developed for these devices, that is, they are reduced versions of the page that we see on the computer. Many times the functionality is minor and if you want to activate this desktop version on your device you will have to do the following: click the "Share" button and drag your finger to the right, almost at the end you will find an icon that gives you the option See the full version of that page .
As you can see, we have prepared this selection of shortcuts that you will surely use. Did you like it? Stay tuned to what we offer daily so you do not miss any . We are waiting for you here and on social networks. Do not forget to share!

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