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Friday, June 30, 2017

Samsung to open world's largest display factory to supply Apple

One of the biggest competitions against Apple, not to mention the largest electronics market in the world, Samsung, wants to open the largest display factory in the world to keep the Cupertino happy and supply their More competing rival. It is rumored on the internet that this may be some conspiracy by Samsung's leaders to make these screens somehow undetectable defective and tarnish the reputation that the apple company has been building since 1976 , 41 years already.

Apple and Samsung hand in hand?

Apple vs. Samsung
Something that most of the faithful followers of Apple did not know is that Samsung has been supplying the Cupertino company for several years with this method . Being the company of the apple the most valuable and beloved in the world of electronics, it makes sense that Samsung wants to take a slice of its reputation and create in this way the factory OLED screens of the world and history.
The LED screens are falling behind. That is why according to estimates from various sources, it is most likely that by the year 2019 Apple already manufactures all its OLED screens . The Samsung factory is believed to produce between 180,000 and 270,000 screens of this type, but not annually, but monthly. All of this could begin this year, more specifically in autumn, the date when the Cupertino company usually takes out its iPhone terminals. Its next smartphone, the iPhone 8, will be the most expensive mobile phone of all time , costing well over 1,000 euros.

Thanks for everything iPhone

IPhone 2G history
Like the iPhone, 10 years ago , reinvented the concept of smartphone, these new technologies of greater caliber will do the world with which we see the screens of our mobile phones, although not by far the impact will be as great as it had The first iPhone in the rest or iTunes on the music industry, but it will be noticeable on a worldwide scale on all device screen providers today .
Lately it is true that Apple is not innovating as they have done before , perhaps this is due to the death of its father and founder, Steve Jobs, who was a genius and visionary of the century in which we live, but left us before of time. Even without Jobs, the company's current CEO, Tim Cook, has been able to handle the situation and bring the company afloat even after all the effects of Steve's death.

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