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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Samsung to start producing OLED screens for Apple this month

Known by all is the declared war between Samsung and Apple , although when talking about business it is possible to smooth out rough edges and work together to obtain a mutual benefit. So Samsung , who is one of the largest manufacturers of OLED screens in the world, will be in charge of providing Apple with the components needed to manufacture the new iPhone.

OLED screens, the future of the new iPhone

When we review the multiple rumors concerning the next generation of iPhone, one that is constantly repeated is the use of OLED technology for your screen . 
Although the LCD screens used by Apple are among the best on the market, we must recognize that the new technology that would use the new iPhone is superior in many respects, obtaining brighter colors (with an absolute black) and better autonomy , among other aspects Positive. As a counterpart, the shortage of this product may represent a problem in meeting the high demand that will be the launch of the iPhone 8, as some analysts say .
IPhone concept with OLED display
IPhone 8 concept with OLED display

Samsung will be responsible for providing OLED screens to Apple

Samsung Display , a subsidiary of Samsung, has reached an agreement with Apple to provide OLED screens for use in the new iPhone. 
Production will start next month and Samsung Display is committed to delivering 1 million screens a month  to cover some of the demand that the iPhone 8 will have, although it is believed that Apple has ordered 80 million screens for this year .
It is not yet known with certainty the different models of iPhone that Apple will offer, although many rumors affirm that we could know 3 new models , where only one of them would have OLED screen Even so Apple's sales expectations are very high, so LG would be in negotiations with Apple to be another provider of OLED screens.
While Samsung is not the only supplier of OLED panels, it currently has 95% of the market , leaving few options when choosing another manufacturer. Even so, the high demand that will be adopted by this technology in the next iPhone will surely cause the market to change, causing other manufacturers to improve their production to supply the demand of both Apple and other companies that use this type of screens .
We will be attentive to the next rumors to know which of the characteristics rumored to date will end up being a reality in the next iPhone.

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