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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Say goodbye to these features with the arrival of iOS 11

This week, during the conference in which Apple developers and their users meet, WWDC, Apple's bite company brought to light incredible things, such as the entire renovation on its series of computers, both portable and desserts , But the news that has most crazy fans of this company is without a doubt the exit of iOS 11 .
Although we can not make use of this software yet, as developers are still polishing details, Apple has announced that in June will be released the public beta and that by September is expected to be available to all . The new update of iOS brings many new features , but also takes some of the functions we used, although most of them will not notice, in part because there will be other tools to do their function more efficiently.

These are the characteristics that retire

ICloud Drive

ICloud Drive Logo
We will not see the iCloud Drive application again, but do not worry, we have a new, simpler and modern application called Files . From this in question we will have access to clouds, among them iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc ...

The applications of the App Store will be 64-bit

App Store iPhone Apps
The already old system of the App Store , which made the applications we downloaded were 32 bits , is renewed to make way for the new 64-bit. This will be a big change and will improve the user experience in iOS.

Goodbye to manipulating the volume from the Control Center

control center
In previous versions up to iOS 10, if we wanted to lower or raise the sound, whether it was a video or a song, we had to go to the Control Center operating system and from there control the volume. When we can upgrade to iOS 11, this feature will be in the notifications , making this process more comfortable .

It's the iPad and its Control Center

Ios 11 on ipad and iphone
In all the operating systems we have had on an iPad or an iPhone, if we wanted to open the Control Center we had to slide the finger from the bottom of the screen, but this will cease to be so, because in doing this what we It will be the Dock .

Facebook and Twitter will not come from the factory

Facebook iphone
So far, from the adjustments of our iPhone or iPad we could configure our accounts both Twitter and Facebook so that the same operating system automatically incorporated them into the mobile. This will not be possible on iOS 11 and you will have to download both on your own.
There are many changes that have been implemented to the new operating system of Apple, it may be that when it launches we have even more news than we already know, we look forward to the date scheduled by this company, September.

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