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Sunday, June 25, 2017

See what you can do with the iPhone headset

Today we talk about the headphones that come with the iPhone, known as Apple EarPods. In my case I still use the 5S model, to which I have added the lightning adapter to be able to use them with the latest, up to date, Californian launch . The truth is that although they are not the best hearing aids in the market, they give a good answer for the characteristics and price they have . And the durability, with minimal care, is prolonged. Since December 2013 I continue with mine and I keep the current ones for other occasions.
We remember that these headphones were launched in September 2012, taking advantage of the release to the iPhone 5 market, and came to replace the previous model and were in force since the presentation of the first model.

What can we do with them?

As well as listening to music, radio or use as hands-free, it is also possible to take photos. Yes, photos. Then I tell you how, but let's go first with the musical part.
  • We will pause the song we are simply listening by pressing the center button .
  • Double-tap the center button to move to the next song .
  • If you press the center button 2 times and hold it in the second press you will be able to move through the song much faster. Ideal if you want to get to that guitar solo that gives you goosebumps .
  • Pressing that same button three times, but holding it down during the third press, you will quickly go back through the song .
EarPods, the new Apple Earphones
  • Triple click on the central button, you return to the beginning of the current or previous topic .
  • If you are called and press once the central button answers the call . Come on, get off the hook.
  • Making a long press on an incoming call rejects it .
Apple EarPods
  • This may be the most difficult to memorize. When you are making a call and a new one you can answer it . How? Press the central button once. To return to the call that we had in force and hang up the new one pulsates for a long time.
  • You can take pictures by pressing the + button on the headset , as long as the camera is active. The selfies take on a new dimension.

Some care for your Apple EarPods

  • Avoid storing them in a tangle. Do not leave him knotted.
  • The inner mesh usually accumulates lint and sometimes wax remains. Do not reach that end by passing a soft bristle brush.
  • Occasionally clean the connector and cables with a cloth slightly moistened with a drop of liquid soap.
What is said, it is demonstrated that these headphones have a lot of life if they are treated with a minimum of affection and you can perform many functions, as we have seen. Despite the launch last year of the AirPods, many users still resist to retire theirs .
We place you from now on so that you are still pending our new articles that we offer daily. Follow us and do not hesitate to share .

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