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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Siri will be compatible with other applications

It is a fact, the Californian brand company, has unveiled this future improvement to Apple's personal assistant , our dear Siri . They have been talking about it and have said that it should improve and that in the not too distant future can be used by other applications outside the company.
This could be fairly soon, according to Reuters, the UK news network, we could see the keynote of this improvement on Monday, given that it is the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), in addition, Apple has announced that it is inside Of its plans to improve Siri , so that it can be expanded around third-party apps.

The road has begun

Apple's Virtual Assistant for Home Based Siri
Thanks to the arrival of iOS 10, the virtual assistant of the company, was opened to developers. The compatibility of this application was very well received by all, because until that time only and exclusively the applications created for iOS could make use of it.
So far, Siri can only be used with a number of apps , including our most used tool on a daily basis, WhatsApp or your alternative, Telegram. We could also use it in applications related to fitness, payments, reservation of car transport and search of photos among others.
The control that this grants on applications of Apple would be almost essential for applications like Spotify or music in general . A clear case of this example would be when we are using our AirPods and we want to handle Spotify or any music platform other than Apple Music from Siri, as this is not possible for now.

The reward

Words of Tim Cook on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone
This would be a relief for customers of the apple company who are at the same time users of platforms or applications that are not compatible with your virtual assistant . Apple has always said that its products have the purpose of making life easier, but if thanks to Siri we could handle things from the daily routine, as well as e-mail, shopping etc., everything would be much more comfortable.
We expect Apple to take a look, because according to the sources mentioned above, this should be within your future plans . Having a virtual assistant at your disposal who can not access all the applications of my mobile phone because of its poor compatibility is not very useful.
We hope that this Monday, June 5, at WWDC 2017 , which will start at 19:00, Spanish time, we have more information on this subject, because Apple would imply that he listens to his community , which would gain many points to Your favor.

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