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Friday, June 2, 2017

Skype will be updated by improving its interface

Yesterday Skype surprised us all by announcing that it would be renewed with aesthetic change in a very short time . The owners of the company themselves recognize that we live our day to day in such a way that sometimes we find it difficult to have a place where we can share what interests us with the people we love, and so they have decided Introduce a number of improvements in its application. Among other things, they want Skype to offer a much more personalized service , creating more lively and expressive chats that allow its users to share their moments in a variety of ways.

You will be in contact day by day with your friends and family with Skype

With this new update, Skype gives us the ability to customize the application with our favorite colors and react to messages and video calls , a feature that has already implanted Facebook recently. In addition, another extra feature that will be incorporated will be Highlights, which will allow you to create a "movie" of your day to day with photos or videos, Snapchat style, which was added by fans such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp . To post a Highlight, all you have to do is slide the screen to access the camera, take a photo or a video and upload it to your Highlights, from where your friends or family and anyone else you have added to Skype can see The content you decide to share. And what's more,
Skype will add new features, highlighting highlights and bots.
Skype will add new features, highlighting highlights and bots.

There are more things besides chatting

Well, we have already seen that we can chat and share moments of our day to day, but do not end here the news that has prepared us the application of Microsoft. It seems that a new search panel will take center stage in this new delivery, adding a new feature that will allow us to search for information on various products using bots . If for example you want to buy tickets for a concert or a match, the StubHub bot will tell you the price of the tickets and the available locations; Or if you just want to plan a trip, the Expedia bot will ask you about the flight schedules and their prices (these are some of the examples given by Skype when announcing the update). That way, if you're talking to your friends in a group about making a break, You can check the prices without having to leave the application itself. Very useful, do not you think?
In addition to the aforementioned bots, it has been announced that with the passage of time, more and more will be added to make life easier for Skype users, thus providing the possibility of having all the necessary information For an event in a simple conversation. With a bot, yes, but a conversation.

When will this update arrive?

It seems to be, as stated by Skype on their website, that they have already started working on this new version of the application and that will begin to be known in the coming weeks . However, Apple users will have to wait a little longer, as the update will arrive earlier for Android phones than for iPhone mobiles , and a few months later it will be implemented on Mac and Windows .
Since 2003, Skype has been stepping up in terms of messaging applications, but with the new improvements that are underway, everything seems to indicate that they want to make more and more honor to the promise with which they started, Was another to "help create meaningful conversations, regardless of distance and in a very intuitive way."

And you, what do you think this facelift Skype? Do you think it will improve your way of communicating? Let us know your opinion in the comment box.

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