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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Snap 7: A case to squeeze the camera of your iPhone

Although they have a wide variety of design and materials, the covers coincide in the main objective of protecting our mobile from the most common risks, such as falls or dents. However, there are always some that make the difference and get surprised with something else, like the Snap 7, a case created to enhance the use of the iPhone camera, through different tools.
The Snap 7 offers an ergonomic design and absolutely beneficial for those interested in getting all the juice to the camera of your iPhone, in different environments, with the possibility of incorporating other elements and without neglecting the protection of the equipment.

Snap 7 makes iPhone camera even better

One of the most valued features of the Snap 7 is its mechanical shutter to shoot with one hand perfectly, avoiding the most common accidents of photography such as unstable shooting or locking the lens with our own fingers, especially for those photographers who Run against the clock and do not have time to fully settle before the shot.
The material of the Snap 7 also fulfills the commitment to offer the maximum protection to the iPhone, even in the most extreme situations, due to the external cover made of hard poly carbonate that has a soft internal damping function to keep the performance of the mobile.
The snap 7 case features a built-in mechanical shutter
And undoubtedly, one of the advantages that makes the Snap 7 stand out is the possibility of adptar lenses of the bitplay brand, which to achieve a suitable professional-level optical to iPhone photography and diversity enough for almost any shooting requirement .
The options to have the Snap 7 are quite flexible with the budget, the case can be purchased from 50 euros, depending on the color or any additional details, while the lenses available to place optionally can be purchased from 25 euros ... .not wrong for professional-quality images.
The camera was one of the highlights of the iPhone 7 and within a few months of knowing the successor of this mobile, there are still enough reasons to think about keeping this version and squeeze it to the maximum.

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