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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Snapchat, chronicle of an announced death

Snapchat is lurking ever larger ghosts, and we do not say it for its characteristic logo. The social network founded in 2011 in order to share multimedia content with a certain duration of visibility, is increasingly more competitive.
Few are those who do not know this application, just as few are already those who continue to use it. Coinciding with its highest peak of active users in 2016, specifically in August, Instagam began digging the grave of the social network with the integration of the Instagram Stories.

A Facebook vs. Snapchat war

Snapchat integrates a function that until a few months ago was unique . Being able to photograph or record on video in real time and share it so that this publication disappears at 24 hours, was something unique to Snapchat.
There was also the option of sharing those moments with a specific contact for up to 10 seconds. Like having conversations in a chat that would disappear the moment you step out of it.
Instagram Stories slows down Snapchat
Instagram Stories slows down Snapchat
But it came August 2016 and the social photography network Instagram began what was the beginning of a cruel battle against Snapchat that would eventually leave it touched and practically sunk.
The company created by Facebook added the Instagram Stories feature , which is to share a snapshot or video that has been taken in the last 24 hours. This publication can be seen for a few seconds, but if you want, you can see them again for 24 hours and automatically destroy them. Does it ring you?
Soon afterwards Facebook would integrate identical functions into its mobile applications. Perhaps less important than Instagram, but enough to sting another punch in the great wound Snapchat already had.
But if there is something that touched even the comic was the arrival of the states of WhatsApp . In the same way as those already mentioned, he added a feature in which his users could upload to the network moments to share with their contacts. It was a controversial measure because, a priori, it was not known that these states could be privatized so that only the contacts that the user chose would be seen. The fact of eliminating the classic states was not exempt of controversy, although later these would be reconverted to "information" within the profile.
Interestingly, the three applications that have adopted these features that until then only had Snapchat, belong to the mother of all social networks: Facebook . And it is said that the bad language that a failed attempt to buy Snapchat by the company of Mark Zuckerberg , would have frustrated him so much that he promised himself to end with Snapchat.

Other applications imitate Snapchat and give much more

The reality of Snapchat, recently launched on the stock market, is that its active users are less and less. There are millions of users who are no longer active in the social network. As downloads have been declining when this had been in recent years one of the most downloaded applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Android.
Whatsapp also stopped Snapchat
Whatsapp also stunned Snapchat with the new states
There are many things that made Snapchat unique and still have, but we must analyze what are the reasons why most users prefer to use these functions in other social networks. And all of them contribute something more to the user without focusing solely on those micro-stories.
The average number of contacts that a user has in Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp is greater than the one in Snapchat and if you add that you also have the functions of each social network, it makes it a little more interesting to publish your Stories in them than in Snapchat.
In the end we can make clear that all this is cyclical. That fashions are fleeting and that even Facebook could stay outdated if it does not innovate. To me personally, Snapchat captivated me at the time and for the memory of all will be the famous (even hateful) photos with the puppy filter, but to this day we can say that Snapchat is suffering a not so slow death, but if painful .

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