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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Snapchat wants you to know the location of your friends from the new Snap Map

Since Instagram decided to inspire its latest tools in Snapchat, things have not gone well for the phantom social network, however this has not prevented it from proposing new features to retain the public that remains faithful or catch new followers, with original proposals .
On Wednesday, Snapchat unveiled its Snap Map feature, which lets you see the geographic location where users of the application share snaps. The Snap Map is part of the bet that makes the application to increase the number of daily followers - 166 million - that stalled when Instagram decided to launch its Stories - and everything that came after - reaching the 250 million daily users, only in that function.
Snapchat launches Snap Maps feature to share location

Snapchat lets you know where snaps are being sent from

Although first seems a rather interesting interactive option to follow events and people in certain places, it is also logical to weigh that this puts at risk the safety of users. But there is nothing to fear, since this is a subject controlled by the same users, who can configure whether they want to be seen by selected friends or put a ghost in the location to go unnoticed.
To access this new function it is only necessary to move through the interface and make the movement that we normally do to enlarge an image, right there will appear the interactive map with the action mojis of our friends. Both to see and to share our snaps on the map, previously, we must activate the location function in the application.

With this update, a new term has also come to the Snapchat glossary; It is the actionmojis, name with which the creators of this platform have decided to call the profiles that appear in the interactive map, which will be available from this week for users around the world.

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