Saturday, June 17, 2017

So it works a SmartPhone with fingerprint integrated in the screen, and it is not of Apple ... [Video]

One of the biggest unknowns about the iPhone 8 is what will happen with the Touch ID sensor As you know, what is known as the Tenth Anniversary iPhone will have a 5.8 inch OLED screen that will occupy the entire front, and the frames will be reduced to the minimum expression, so it will not There's room for a Home button.
Since rumors began about the iPhone 8, more than a year ago, we heard that Apple's intention is to integrate the Touch ID into the device's screen . However, rumors have surfaced in recent months that the Cupertino company was experiencing certain technical difficulties in implementing the fingerprint sensor on the large-scale screen, which was delaying production, which could result in , Finally, Apple chose to place it in the back, as did Samsung with its new Galaxy S8 .
Luckily, it seems that Apple has managed to solve the problems of production and finally, the Touch ID sensor will be integrated into the screen , as was the original idea. But, it is possible that the iPhone 8 is not the first smartphone that has the fingerprint sensor on the screen ...
You probably sound the name of Weibo . It is a Chinese social network, and is the source of many rumors and leaks about technological products. On this occasion, a user has published a video that shows an alleged smartphone from Vivo , which has a built-in fingerprint sensor on the screen .
Hopefully this concept of iPhone 8 does not come true
El vídeo es de mala calidad, y dura unos cinco segundos, pero podemos ver como, en apariencia, el usuario consigue desbloquear el teléfono poniendo el dedo sobre la pantalla. Después, lo gira, suponemos que para que podamos comprobar que no hay sensor de huella digital en la parte trasera, aunque con lo corto que es el vídeo y lo borroso que se ve, tampoco podemos asegurar al cien por cien que esto sea así.
According to Pan Jiutang , a well-known smartphone industry analyst, this is a prototype of a new smartphone Vivo will present on June 28 during an event to be held during the Shanghai MWC conference According to him, Vivo will be the first company to launch a smartphone with fingerprint sensor on the screen, but Apple will be in charge of bringing this technology to the global market.
We leave you with the video. What is your opinion?

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