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Saturday, June 24, 2017

So will the iPhone 8 in hand if the rumors are confirmed

Leaker Benjamin Geskin has just published some pictures and a video of a possible iPhone 8 in case the rumors come to fruition.

So would the iPhone 8 if the rumors are fulfilled

Thanks to the content of Geskin, we can get an idea of ​​what Apple could introduce us next September. In that content, Geskin shows what the next iPhone 8 (or iPhone tenth edition) would look like in the hands of users later this year. Thanks to a fake model of an iPhone , we see a screensaver that already has iOS 11 in its beta. This is a computer-printed image attached to the fake iPhone model created from the different rumors that have come out through the media.
A model that will see the light next fall (September) predictably presented in the new theater Steve Jobs, located inside the new Apple Park in Cupertino.
Fake model of the possible iPhone 8
Fake model of the possible iPhone 8
The images of Geskin teaches a fictitious model of the possible iPhone 8 as we have seen previously, where the front of the device stands out with a diagonal screen that reaches up to 5.8 inches . It is not the only important detail that shows that model, very narrow bezels, front camera and immersion sensor, but with a totally black frame instead of other models rumored through the Internet, and very nice stainless steel frames. For users to see how this iPhone would look if it were presented now, Geskin attaches an image where you see a new wallpaper that includes iOS 11 betas and a screen saver at the top.

Images and videos of the possible next Apple phone

Thanks to a shared video on Geskin's Twitter account, we can see in a more natural way how that device would sit under the design that has been rumored for several months ago.
The iPhone 8 is expected to include the most important design change introduced by Apple since the Cupertino company introduced the iPhone 6 in 2014 . With some features never seen before on an iPhone, this model would come with wireless charging and greater resistance to water and dust than the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. More premium features for the best device on the market today. Apple could strengthen (even more) its position in the market of smartphones thanks to this model.
Analysts already speak that along with this special model, Apple prepares two more phones, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus . Some devices that could carry the same design as the current terminals of the market, but the same internal specifications as the brand's most premium model. At the moment, everything is pure speculation, but every day is less to check the surprises that Apple will present us in its next keynote of the month of September.
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