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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Some Chinese Apple employees accused of selling information

During the last days has appeared a news that has activated alarms to the Californian firm . Several media have wanted to echo this news, as is the case of the famous media Wall Street Journal . And is that as reflected in the title of the article, about twenty Chinese Apple employees would be accused of selling information to third parties . We tell you in more detail.
Everything indicates that the police would have discovered an operation in which certain distributors, with access to contact information of the company's own customers, sold the data to certain individuals of others.

The business of selling data: more alive than ever

These employees had a definite role in the apple business, since they worked in Apple's marketing sector , aimed at operations in the Asian country.
As described in the report published by the agents themselves, some 20 of the 22 suspects had taken information from the company's own internal teams, with the aim of selling it for a total value of US $ 7.36 million .
It is noteworthy that to this day, it is not yet known whether this operation would have employees from other countries involved, or whether it was otherwise a closed and limited practice. However, the case has not yet closed, so it is very likely that in the next few days we will know more data about this case.
Once again it reveals the great value of our data in the current era of the internet. To date, there are many companies in the computer sector whose sole objective is to collect and sell user data. At first glance, this information can be somewhat absurd, but these data are pure gold for market decisions , so its value is very high.

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