Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sony announces that we can use the iPhone as a second screen and PS4 game controller

Inside the famous E3 videogame conference Sony has introduced PlayLink . It is a system allows to connect our iPhone and probably also iPad to a PS4 to use as a second screen in video games, and also as controls to play, tapping the touch screen and other devices such as cameras that have built-in.
The games, obviously, have to be prepared to use PlayLink. During the conference we have presented titles like Hidden Agenda ;
As we see, games of graphic adventures where you have to make decisions or group games where each friend can participate with his own smartphone will be possible thanks to this new functionality.
In That's You, we can see how the front camera is used to incorporate real faces into game elements like cards. The game then uses questions, drawing games or small games that try to make known who knows more who in a group of friends, giving a very curious result ... the PS4 is the machine that runs the game, but the protagonists with smartphones Of each of the players. Something more that we can do with our iPhone and that until now was not a possibility.
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