Friday, June 16, 2017

Spotify reaches 140 million users, grows faster than Apple Music

Spotify has announced today that they have reached the 140 million users by adding both users subscribed to the payment plan, unlimited, and the free plan allows you to enjoy your music with advertising and some limitations.
140 million users, are many millions. Spotify confirms that it is growing at a faster rate than Apple Music , obviously fueled by the fact of offering free music , something that Apple Music can only say about its online radio channel Beats 1 . It's a free music offering, yes, but obviously not as attractive as Spotify's.
In addition, Apple has reduced or eliminated free trial periods in some countries including Spain. Apple never gives the data of users who test the service for free during the first months in the rest of countries where they still offer that possibility.
Spotify added $ 3.3 billion last year thanks to users subscribed to its payment service, which exceeds 50 million users according to the data they gave last March . It seems that Apple will have to work harder to compete with Spotify.
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