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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Squeeze the low power mode of your iPhone and iPad

The low power mode is present in our devices since iOS 9 and is really a very extra to keep in mind in times of trouble . Imagine that you find yourself making a hiking route or on the beach and the battery icon turns red. This means that you have reached 20 percent, the alarms go off and your device notifies you if you want to activate the low power mode.

What is it for?

Very simple, put your iPhone or iPad to a minimum to preserve the amount of load you have. This will disable automatic email checking, the famous "Oye Siri" becomes inoperative, background updates will no longer have effect, as well as automatic downloads and some visual effects . Also it puts the automatic block of screen to the 30 seconds, since if you have it configured for example to the 2 minutes the energetic expenditure is much greater.

How do I know if it is active?

When the low-power mode is activated, when the battery charge reaches 20 percent, it will turn yellow instead of red , as it usually does.
IPhone 6 Plus

Do you notice its activation?

Without a doubt, you can clearly see how the battery consumption curve falls with this system activated . We remember that it is very beneficial in cases of urgency, those moments in which we know that we will not have a handler on hand and we need to be operational. Logically with the low power consumption mode, but making downloads and playing videos we will not notice much difference.

How do I get it going?

There are several ways we explain:
  1. Ask Siri . You can ask your favorite assistant to activate the low-power mode and she will do it for you.
  2. If you have a device with 3D Touch, press the General icon and later Battery> Low power mode .
  3. If your iPhone or iPad does not have 3D Touch you do not have to worry, since you can also follow the previous route, but entering General> Settings> Battery> Low power mode .
IPhone low battery

Anything else?

Do not forget to review the tricks we always tell you to be able to crush the battery to the top. You know, lower brightness, disable automatic mail checking, give vidilla to airplane mode , among others.
Remember that researchers and engineers always try to find more durable batteries every time , and while that time comes we have this system that can get us out of a hurry . Do you usually use the low-power mode? In what situations have you been able to get past a burden with him? Tell it in comments.

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