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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Steps to follow if you are going to use the public betas of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra

It's been almost three weeks since Apple introduced all the news in the software of its devices in WWDC 2017 and the arrival of the public betas are already here . That's why we want to help you prepare your devices so you can use the different public betas that have just come out.

Public bets for iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra are here

So far, the only way to test a beta of these operating systems was with the developer profile. However, Apple promised to launch public betas for both iOS, macOS and tvOS by the end of the month and are already among us.
New iPad Dock with iOS 11
New iPad Dock with iOS 11. Source: Apple.
Apple promised that all users who would like to try these operating systems could do so by the end of the year. There were many users who were waiting for these three operating systems had been launched to be able to test the new developments and the possibility has arrived today.
Public betas tend to perform better than beta builds for developers . Apple tries to polish the major flaws of early versions for developers so that more people can test their operating systems somewhat more clean and stable, which is why many people were waiting for today, but how do you install these Beta versions ?, we show below.

Why choose a beta and how to prepare for it?

Choosing the public beta is better than installing the developer version. The operation is usually better, has the solution to many errors that have already tested the developers in beta versions, so it gives time to correct the bugs.
As a general rule, the different betas versions are usually launched periodically and gradually . This means that, little by little and from time to time, all users will be having updates of the different betas versions of a certain software from Apple.
MacOS High Sierra with iPhone
MacOS High Sierra with iPhone
If you want to prepare to install some of these versions, it is best that you first follow a few small steps. The first and fundamental is to make backups to save the information of our devices.
While it is true that updating does not usually occur important problems with the information of our devices, it is important to back up all our information in iCloud or iTunes (if we have an iOS device) or even the use of Time Machine and An external disk if what we want is to make a backup of the information of our Mac.
MacOS High Sierra
Official presentation of macOS High Sierra
Remember that even if you are testing a public beta of any of the three operating systems, you can always go back to the previous versions . Depending on the device you are testing, these methods will change but the possibility exists and will always be there.
Another fact that you should keep in mind is that public betas (like betas for developers), have many failures in the performance of the system. It seeks to debug an operating system with the help of people so it is normal that some features or features of the system may fail you in specific cases , are betas versions and is the risk that they monopolize (especially in early versions). My personal recommendation is to wait until September and update our devices to the official version.

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