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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Surprise with your selfies

It is an undeniable fact that we live in a digital and iconic age in which everything enters through the eyes. From a time to this part and with the development of the front cameras in the mobile devices, the auto fotos or selfies have become very popular. Popularly associated with teenagers, these photographs have managed to captivate everyone, including heads of state .
Iphone 6
With the development of good frontal cameras and the perfection of their sensors, behind were the selfies pixelated, blurred and did not do us justice . Today we show you the best way to make your snapshots so that you can surprise your friends.

Tips for doing selfies with the iPhone

Eye with light

Never enter from the back , you will not see anything except your silhouette.

Where are you?

If the site you are in has restricted the use of cameras, do not do it better . If you have questions, ask. I can think of places like museums, temples or study centers.

If it's for social networks

Remember to use the 1: 1 format that is ideal for this type of photos if you then share them on the network.

Use Live Photos

This option is available from the iPhone 6S and can be a very fun option in your selfies . Get the best of you .

Give a cane to the blast

Surely you do not want to miss that big picture for shooting just once. Better to have several snapshots and then choose the ones you like most than to make one and go wrong.
Iphone selfie

Also the timer

If it is a group photo, or not, you can all place them properly . There are lapses of 3, 5 and 10 seconds and in addition, it is fired in burst mode.

Manage exposure

Tap and slide your finger up and down to control the amount of light you need and thus have the perfect selfie.

Using flash

If your device is an iPhone 6S or later or an iPhone SE you can activate the flash on the screen to pick up all the nuances , not only should you use it in low light.
Selfie girl


Selfies are not just a fad, they have come to stay . We think that with these recommendations you can make them real photos that are worthwhile. Remember that there are also specific applications for these types of photographs and can improve them or make them even more fun.
Remember that we look forward to your comments and ideas for selfies. Do not forget to share and stay tuned to our daily and updated content .

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