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Friday, June 9, 2017

Synchronize your songs between different applications with SongShift

Many times it is difficult to choose between one application of music or another , and few people have not tried several options before finally deciding for one of them. Some offer us more musical variety than others, cheaper prices, or simply consume less mobile data than their market rivals when we listen to our favorite songs on the street. Sometimes we even spend a lot of time using a certain application but we decided to switch to another, and we do not want to lose our songs. With SongShift, the application that we will analyze today, we will be able to synchronize our playlists between several applications avoiding the work of having to be adding one by one each track.

Synchronize your playlists easily

If there is something that characterizes this application is undoubtedly its intuitive design and interface , without extras and without an overloaded menu, making synchronizing your music is quite easy task.
To start streaming your playlists from one streaming music service to another, you'll need to download SongShift from the App Store.  Once you have the application in your possession, the steps to follow are very simple:
  • Choose the application that you want to remove your music and enter your registration data (user and password). Then do the same with the target application on which your playlist will sync.
  • Once you have validated your data in both, it will give you the option to "download playlist" . If you click on that option, the program will ask you which application you want to send that list to, and then only the destination application will be selected and SongShift will take care of the rest.
To use SongShift, sign in to both services and sync your playlists.
To use SongShift, sign in to both services and sync your playlists.

Which applications are compatible with SongShift?

If you use any of the following applications you are in luck, as they are currently supported by SongShift. Apple Music (necessary to be Premium user), Deezer, Discogs, Hype Machine,, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube are the services that will allow you to transfer playlists between them through this application.
In the case of Apple Music, if we want to spend our songs there from another service, we will have to previously create a playlist in Apple Music and then synchronize , otherwise , by not allowing Apple to create playlists directly, SongShift will not detect any list Of reproduction.

Like everything, it has its limitations

Not everything was going to be good news, and at this point it's about money. If you want to transfer playlists where you have all your music collection since you were a child, you have two options: do it in parts or pay.
SongShift lets you synchronize 50 songs of each playlist each time you use it , so if you want to transfer a list of, say, 100 songs, you will have to do it in two tempos or pay the 5.49 euros that it costs to unlock this limit.

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