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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The 10.5-inch Pro iPad comes with 4GB of RAM

During the WWDC, the Cupertino company presented the new features of its catalog and the iOS operating system. In the meantime, it showed the public what the new iPad Pro 's new family would be like In addition, during yesterday, the new range was put on sale in the Apple Store .
One of the main objectives of this new edition of the iPad is to establish certain margins between the devices of the catalog. It should be noted that during the last months, the sales corresponding to the tablet of Californians have been steadily declining. Among the possible reasons would be the lack of innovation and the lack of usefulness of it . That is why for months rumored the possible end of the iPad.
On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize the great power that offers the new iPad Pro of 10,5 , thanks to the incorporation of the chip A10x Fusion . To all this, do not forget its high resolution of 2,224 x 1,668 pixels. Well done Apple!

The hardware of the new iPad Pro is excellent

Just a few hours ago new data on the hardware that incorporates the new iPad family has been leaked. Specifically it is regarding the RAM, since the model of 10.5 inches would incorporate nothing more and nothing less than 4 GB of RAM . Undoubtedly, figures that have impressed me for good.
The work carried out by the Cupertino company has been excellent. First, because the new iPad has lighter edges , so you get a better use of the screen. In addition, with this new hardware improved, the tablet would be able to offer a much higher yields , allowing to increase the possibilities of the device.
Ios 11 on ipad and iphone
From my point of view, with the new iPad is intended to decrease the distance between this terminal and the MacBook Pro , since for a long time the iPad has been a device more related to the iPhone than to the notebook of the apple.

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