Friday, June 9, 2017

The 10th anniversary iPhone could have a somewhat strange FaceTime camera

New renders of the possible design of iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or iPhone Anniversary have come to light today . While the concept, in theory, is not entirely new, it is interesting to see how the FaceTime camera could look more realistic.
Recently, on the other hand, Reddit AMA user has corroborated the leaks that suggested the implementation of a dual camera in vertical position , the wireless load and the 3D sensors of facial recognition.
IPhone Edition
This design concept, which shows an iPhone X running iOS 11 , indicates that Cupertino's 10th anniversary smartphone could have a FaceTime camera inserted into a top bezel that penetrates the OLED screen in a somewhat strange way.
Everything depends on the tastes, of course, personally I think that it is a too risky design that tries to take advantage of a space in the corners of totally unnecessary way. Why does the iPhone 8 need a touch pad in those two corners? Would not it be more aesthetic a top bezel that occupies the full width of the screen?
IPhone Edition
This front camera would come together with biometric security and iris (and / or facial) recognition . This would be possible thanks to the integration of a lens system with 3D sensors.
In the case of the dual camera of the rear in a vertical position, more than a rumor seems that everyone already takes it for granted. The design is not ideal, of course, but this change is strictly necessary due to the implementation of new hardware components in that part of the terminal.
As for the Touch ID, the concept they shared via 9to5mac reveals the insertion of the Touch ID functionality of the fingerprint sensor under the OLED screen itself of iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or iPhone Anniversary.
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