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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The 11 functions of iOS 11 that nobody talks about

With WWDC 2017 last week, Apple unveiled iOS 11, the operating system for iPad and iPhone that is to come and that left us with the mouth open thanks to its main novelties. But as always, they are only the tip of the iceberg: Apple always leave a hidden letter in the sleeve, a series of functions that you have not read through any web but surely you will love . Read on to know them all.

Customizable control center

Yes, we already know that the control center of iOS 11 will be bigger than ever, very interactive and that will take advantage of the 3D Touch to activate many options. But, did you also know that it is fully customizable? This means that if there is one feature that you use a lot and one that you do not use, you can assign them privileged places or just not include them. And so happy.
Control center

 Customize your storage

If you're tired of running out of space on your iPhone and you think the distribution of the space - applications ratio is not optimal , with iOS 11 this is going to change because it will give you suggestions on how you can save space with your photos, iMessage multimedia content, Storage of attachments ... Or even an analysis of functions that you do not use at all and that you could erase perfectly. Come on, with iOS 11 we will apply all the possible tricks to take advantage of the space to the maximum.

Record your screen

A new feature of iOS 11 will allow us to record our screen from the Control Center , something very useful for developers and players, but also for teaching. Of course, from now on look what you share with Snapchat.

More battery saving

We all would like the battery of our iPhone to last longer , Apple knows and promises great improvements for the iPhone 8 as fast charging, whether it be inductive charging wireless or with new batteries with SLP technology .
But in the meantime, for the rest of the mortals who still do not have the iPhone 8, with iOS 11 we can manage the battery saving option from the very Control Center without having to resort to Adjustments .

Order your apps all at once

Until now, if you wanted to organize your apps in folders or screens, you had to go one by one dragging them until you got them to stay as you wanted. But with iOS 11 you can simply move several apps at once . More efficient than ever.

Write with one hand

IOS 11 keyboard one hand
For some time, smartphone manufacturers are increasingly betting on larger terminals. You will agree with me that while the experience with the screen is spectacular, ergonomics is not so great and writing sometimes becomes an arduous task.
So Apple has set to work developing a keyboard for one hand. By the way, no matter how you are left-handed or right-handed because you can also adapt that option.

Native QR Reader

As better late than never, Apple has finally integrated a native support for QR codes in iOS 11 , so forget about downloading an app for this purpose because now we can do it with the apps that come integrated.
## Night Mode
Night Shift is not the only way to help mitigate your tired eyes after a hard day in front of the screen because with iOS 11 the night mode arrives in a renewed and effective way .

New intensity bars

Everything a classic on the screen of your iPhone and a pretty small detail: if until now we measured the intensity of the signal of your operator with white circles that were filling up more intensity, now the chosen graphic will be bars .

 New Podcasts Design

I confess that I am not a great user but the Podcasts seem to me an impressive concept and very much wasted in general. However Apple continues to bet on them by revamping their design towards a much more minimalist concept .

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