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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The 15 most strange and rare iPhone accessories in the world

The truth is that the imagination of the human being has no limits, and a clear example of this is reflected in the selection of accessories for iPhone that we will talk about today. These are the 15 rarest accessories in the world , so hang on tight to the chair, because many of them will leave you skanky.
In addition, we will also attach a video (at the end of the article) in which you can see in detail each of the accessories we will talk about. They are very strange, and of course, most of them have been manufactured in Asia. If they are on another level!
From cuddly dancers to oddly shaped sleeves, through a virtual keyboard projected and all kinds of bizarre accessories. Do not miss it, we laughed a lot!

The umbilical cord charger

IPhone accessories
The first accessory we will talk about is an iPhone charger specially designed to look like an umbilical cord . It's horrible, the idea itself is very pretty, but I very much doubt that anyone wants to use something so ugly to charge your iPhone ... In fact, it even vibrates and simulates the heartbeat of an organism. He looks like an alien!

The case with hand

IPhone accessories
This is a normal cover, but comes with a hand attached to it. What, you ask? Well, apparently its creator pretends that when you are talking on the phone you want to imply that in the meantime you are also shaking hands with your partner . I know, people are going a lot ...

The Kissenger

IPhone accessories
The Kissenger (Kiss + Messenger) or the "Kiss-Send" is a kind of iPhone Dock that will allow you to send and receive the kisses of your partner . Even if you're thousands of miles away, you can feel her tender, sweet lips ... Is not she super romantic? Well, romantic, and nosy.

Video of the 15 rarest accessories in the world

We have wanted to highlight those who have seemed more ... strangers. It has been difficult to choose the best, very difficult, they are all crazy. Take a look at the video and find out for yourself.

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