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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The 30 best features hidden in macOS High Sierra

On Monday, June 5, we were able to witness the keynote Apple presented at this year's WWDC . One of the most anticipated developments by the followers of this company and more specifically the users of iMac and MacBook, is clearly the launch of the new Mac operating system, macOS High Sierra . This still young and innovative software has many characteristics of which we have no knowledge about its existence . This time we will introduce you to the top 30 hidden features of MacOS High Sierra.

The 30 features of macOS High Sierra that you missed

1. We can customize the website on which we are

MacOS High Sierra customize Safari
With the introduction of this new software, we have access to personalization of the appearance in each web page , we can touch up aspects like the zoom and blockers of content, all this regardless of the page that is, because we can do it in all.

2. Automatic reader mode

MacOS High Sierra read mode
Since the last update of the macOS operating system, in High Sierra we have the option to put in reader mode pages that support this format , in this way we will be able to read the text in which we are interested and without ads, all without Our dear AdBlock.

3. Synchronizing messages via iCloud

MacOS High Sierra synchronize messages
A useful tool that includes this software is the ability to synchronize the messages of all our Apple devices through iCloud . This process in question will streamline many things and will make us transfer files from one place to another much more comfortable.

4. An increase in speed when looking for an email

MacOS High Sierra search mail
When we have the need to find a particular email to check something or similar needs, we will save a lot of time in carrying this out. In addition, we have a new preview, so that we can write our messages and at the same time see the ones we receive .

5. See the 5 most open emails

Just like the previous one, this will speed up the process of searching for certain emails , but even easier, because we can see the 5 most accessed. This simple but valuable tool will make us the task of looking for an email to check some data or something similar much simpler.

6. Synchronizing the Photos application with the facial recognition tool

Facial recognition mac
In High Sierra, the photo app or gallery will be able to synchronize images with the function that is dedicated to the facial recognition of your Apple devices, using iCloud. This function will increase the security and will leave the device inaccessible in case of theft or subtraction.

7. Even more reminders

MacBook Air notes
Also, the previously mentioned photos or gallery application will have access to create reminders or moments to which we can assign images or videos for those occasions that we like to remember from time to time.

8. Edit photos before doing them

MacOS High Sierra Editing photos
This particular is very new, because we can retouch the photo or add filters before even making the photograph itself . Thanks to this particular tool, we will save a lot of memory, because we will not take the photo until we have the desired view.

9. The effect of moving photos

Live GIF Live Photos
We will have the ability to put together 3 photos in one and form something similar to what we know as a GIF , several images that form one which looks like a video. IOS 11 will have this function as well.

10. We can put photos in a loop

MacBook Pro photos
Thanks to applications like Pixelmator the changes we make to the photos will be automatically saved in our memory and allow us to increase our feats with our favorite camera. This particular app has a price of 5.49 euros in the App Store.

11. Best editing tools

Tools like Selective color are two applications that will improve the quality when editing or retouch the photos that we make with our iPhone or iPad. It will also raise the bar for all other photo editing apps to improve, which is why rivalry always benefits the client.
Selective Color Video

12. Increase the ease of organizing our photos

MacOS High Sierra photos
We can create different albums to classify in a more orderly way according to the theme of each one and in this way have everything more organized in our gallery. It will also streamline the process of finding a particular photo or video.

13. Sidebar is now permanent

Mac sidebar
That toolbar that in previous versions would have wanted them to be always there, in MacOS 11 will be persistently . Which will make us the work we perform and basically our computer life much more affable.

14. New section of amounts

Mac Imports
In the toolbar that we have in the side of the screen, we will find the last files that we have imported , which will be arranged in chronological order to find them in a much faster and more comfortable way.

15. New hidden section

Yosemite OS X
Previously we had to reach the section where we have all the hidden files through the menu bar, but now it will be more comfortable, because we can access from the sidebar. It seems that the apple bite company likes to play hide and seek.

16. Notes for Reminders

Notes on iCloud web
We will have to select the texts that we want for our Mac to remind us, so that the ones we choose will see before the rest to increase visibility. This is of great help for people who work from home and more specifically on our computer, as we have a lot of notes and reminders soaring.

17. We can also create tables in the Notes application

Table notes mac
We have access to create tables and customize them the way we want from the application notes, which will be of great help in organizing and having everything more orderly, such as making us a work schedule putting in each box what we have Thought to do in an hour of the day.

18. Suggested searches, also in notes

Search the new OS X Yosemite Spotlight
For those who organize very well based on this tool, the application itself will suggest specific words to look for and thus make the process of finding a particular note easier. It seems that the designers of this new operating system love order and good organization.

19. Moving photos from FaceTime

FaceTime on iPhone
A push of a button on FaceTime allows us to take a moving picture while on a call . You and your friend will receive a notification with the image in question and will be stored in the memory of both at the moment, without having to do anything else.

20. Search flights on Spotlight

Flights Spotlight
This tool will teach us all the details of the flight that we choose , all this with great precision, if we are waiting for the flight of a friend while we are on the way to the airport to pick it up or simply if we are going to fly and we are not sure Schedule where our plane will depart.

21. Multiple searches at once with Spotlight

Spotlight on OS X El Capitan
With this new software, the Spotlight application will now show us more than one search at a time , thanks to many pages, including the famous Wikipedia. And is that Apple makes everything much easier to do things.

22. Visual update to Siri

MacOS High Sierra Siri
It was time for an upgrade for our virtual assistant. The phrases Siri says we can see bigger and bold, improving their readability. The classic microphone icon has been replaced by the animation of a sphere that constantly changes color.

23. Siri's voice will seem more human

Siri Mac
The update mentioned above will also make Siri's voice sound a bit more natural , this means that when reading our WhatsApp messages , the virtual assistant will look more like a person than a robot.

24. Write to Siri instead of talking to him

Siri MacBook Pro
So far we could only talk to Siri through our own voice, but this has changed, because we can write the text with the question or action we want you to do . Once activated there is no turning back, that is, you can not return to voice mode.

25. Share files using iCloud

ICloud Drive macOS High Sierra
Until now, thanks to Apple's cloud, we could share photos, videos or any kind of multimedia content with our friends, but now we can do the same with files, creating a link for files stored in iCloud.

26. iCloud in family

MacOS High Sierra share family photos
If you have more than 200 GB contracted for the annual fee, because this memory does not come from the beginning, we will have access to this function that will allow us to share our documents with our relatives .

27. A new wallpaper

MacOS High Sierra wallpaper
Originally, with the output of the macOS Sierra, the computer came from the factory with a mountainous background. It could not be less coming from Apple, since we have another wallpaper in High Sierra , which allows us to appreciate more the high part of these mountains .

28. A new keyboard with the typical characters of the Arab countries improved

MacBook Air keyboard
We have access to a new and extended keyboard for Middle East users for the users Apple has in this part of the world. This will implement better technical support for these select and wealthy customers.

29. Also improvements to Japanese keyboard

MacBook Pro Japanese keyboard
Like the Arabic keyboard, they have polished a series of bugs that had the Japanese keyboard and an application that will support bilingual terms between English and Japanese. Well apparently there were a lot of failures in previous models and as things stand, the Cupertino company can not afford even a failure.

30. Improved Family Sharing

Family sharing macOS High Sierra
The settings of the application and the experience have improved considerably, making this much simpler and easier to use. In this way, the moments of our family will be more present in our Mac and ours in their Apple devices.
Do you have any money saved and are you thinking of buying an iMac or a new MacBook? Do it without hesitation, the biggest impediment we could have to acquire any of these beasts was its high price, which Apple's products are worth , was quite high, but this is no longer an excuse, since computers The Cupertino company have improved their quality more and the price has decreased compared to other years.

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