Thursday, June 29, 2017

The AirPods will end up generating more money than the Apple Watch

As we all know, Apple is a unique company in every way. One of the many characteristics that distinguish it from other companies in its sector, the one of the electronics, is the capacity and facility that they have in the innovation , because they were the first ones to revolutionize different platforms, like, for example, the industry Musical thanks to iTunes , which allowed us for the first time to buy music from home, not the complete album as we had to buy in the store, but songs for 99 cents.
A few years ago, the apple bite company introduced us to our beloved AirPods, the first headphones on the market that do not need a cable , that is, they are connected to our iPad, iPhone, iPod or any Apple product via Bluetooth. At its launch, most people did not give them much life expectancy, as they saw it as expensive and unnecessary nonsense, but with the passage of time has been gaining a seat among Apple's best selling products, making this one Of the most consistent products in the catalog of this company.
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According to brands dedicated to financial analysis, it has been revealed that from now on AirPods are expected to generate more money than Apple receives for its smart watches, Apple Watch . The expected date for these future headphones to exceed the revenues of smart watches is 2022, 5 years, which is quite respectable considering the difference between both products.
"For the next 10 years, we anticipate AirPods will be bigger than Apple Watch , as the product evolves from simple wireless headphones to a portable audio device and increased."
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Each year a new AirPods come to market, and like its older brother, the iPhone, are also more expensive , to give an example, the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive smartphone in history , surpassing the 1,000 euros. Basically and for everyone to understand, as we just said, the AirPods are coming out eventually and each time with a higher price, because in 2022 the price is expected to be enough , in addition to having a fixed customer base, As to dethrone the Apple Watch from his throne.
The big problem and inconvenience of buying a headset today is simply the cables, but here comes the point in favor of the AirPods: they do not have. Leaving aside its price, which for what it offers is not high, fulfills its purpose, is reliable and above is Apple .
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