Sunday, June 11, 2017

The App Store already allows some applications to download and run code

As usual, during the last WWDC Apple announced several new developments for developers, and although these usually have no relevance to the end user, set the road for what will be iOS in the future.
As we can see in the App Store Review Guidelines , those of Cupertino have modified the prohibition of running external code, one of the strictest rules of the App Store.

Apple will enable development and education applications to download and run code

Applications designed to teach, develop or test, may run code, under limited circumstances, download a code that is not used for another purpose. These apps should make the code you run be fully visible and editable to the user . "
In other words, Apple will allow third-party applications to download and run code, which brings you closer to the possibility of developing from an iOS device without making use of Swift Playgrounds.
Recall that so far no application could do so, a measure that was taken to prevent malicious code execution on devices intentionally.
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