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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The App Store offers you these 10 freshly baked games for your iPhone

Games are very important in the lives of all human beings. Whether you enjoy board games, console games, or mobile games, it 's one of the easiest ways to de-stress after a long day at work or college .
Fortunately, many are already on vacation, so the App Store offers you 11 completely new games for both your iPhone and the iPad or iPod touch to take advantage of one hundred percent. Some are for payment, others are free, but all are great games. Here we leave the list.

1. SEGA Forever

SEGA is one of the most well-known video game companies in the world, although it has not seen the glory it once had. These five games offered by the company are nothing more and nothing less than HD versions of what were the flagships of the industry , such as Sonic or Comix Zone.
The games are free, but include ads , so if you do not want to see them you will have to pay out the sum of 2.26 euros.

2. Injustice 2

If you are a fan of the DC universe, this game will charm you. You can get into the skin of the heroes to fight the bad guys - or vice versa, here we do not judge anyone. Also, the game is completely free .
If you want to download, here we leave the link .

3. Monument Valley 2

The first part fascinated us, and surely this second is not going to be the exception. Apple introduced this game some time ago, during its WWDC. In this entertaining and beautiful game, you will have to use your imagination to solve all the puzzles that will put you in front . Also, the soundtrack is exquisite.
Monument Valley 2 is priced at € 5.49 . Download it using this link:

4. KAMI 2

KAMI 2 surprises us at a very visual level. In this entertaining game of puzzles - yes, you guessed it, we love these games - you will have to use the same color palette that make up the small triangles to paint them all of the same color .
It's a bit complicated to explain, so why not try it for yourself? It's free! Here we leave the link:

5. Angry Birds Evolution

The facelift that so much needed this series of mobile games has already arrived. Angry Birds Evolution proposes a series of novelties that are worth trying. In this game we will have to throw our birds against their enemies , only this time instead of flying, they will roll - or, well, something similar.
Try it for free using this link:

6. Windin

In spite of being a typical game of those in which we have to join the pieces of the same color to be removing elements of the screen and to move to the next level, Windin has managed to give a twist to this idea .
In this game the wind will move the chips , adding a touch of difficulty and difference that little is seen today. Download it using this link, it 's totally free :

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