Thursday, June 8, 2017

The best apps of 2017 according to Apple

As every year, Apple has publicly announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2017 , a kind of contest so to speak in which Apple, will unveil the best applications available for their operating systems, both iOS and macOS In the six months we have this year. These are the lucky apps that the apple bite company has placed as winners of 2017 :

Airmail 3

Airmail for OS X
This application has always been at the top as far as e-mail management is concerned , this is due to its great convenience within Apple's software, including watchOS . This time it is not the users who have the app, but Cupertino's own company that has rewarded the features that this tool has, placing it among the winners.
Airmail - Your Mail With You


Like the previous one, this is another tool that follows one of Apple's favorite slogans, which is that the purpose of their products is to make life more comfortable and simple. This application is considered as the best app of notes that owns the App Store , since it is simple and very useful time, granting this way another position among the winners.
Bear - The attractive writing application


This application, is a game made simply to entertain the user , but even being such a simple game, as puzzles apps are kicking, this tool to kill time has slipped among the best apps of the year according to the apple company Bite and reasons are too much, given that it is an unlimited pastime.
Blackbox - Think Outside the Box


Apple Money
You could not expect less coming from an application made entirely in Swift , which gives us the function of converting very simply between several currencies and also, it will only take a few seconds. To all this, we must add that it has its branch in Apple Watch to make it even more showy to the public.
Elk - Travel Currency Converter


Enlight application
This tool is the best editor for photos that we can find throughout the App Store , at least according to its users and Apple. Its technology and use so advanced are more useful than the rest of alternatives that we can find and that is why it is on this list.

Kitchen Stories

IPad between stoves
The cooks of the house always comes to us well an app of recipes and procedures that must be carried out to elaborate and cook a particular dish , very comfortably on our iPhone or iPad. Not only that, because like Elk, is developed almost completely in Swift.
Kitchen Stories - Cookbook

Things 3

Image of what will be Things 3
Things 3
As we said above, the purpose of the company's products is to make our life more affable and simple, which is why a task manager like this has its place in this list. Its new features have been awarded by Apple and here it is in the list of the best apps.
Although there is a lot of year ahead, there is no doubt that these tools developed by third parties, fit well in the new App Store that will use a 64-bit system in iOS 11 , since its previous system of 32 bits was lagging behind .
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