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Friday, June 23, 2017

The best Netflix series to watch on your iPhone and iPad (2017)

Last year we shared a compilation with the 10 best series of Netflix for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Given the success of that selection of audiovisual content, we decided to repeat taking into account all the new features of the streaming video platform.
After arriving in Spain , Netflix has become one of the most popular iOS and TVOS platforms to play series, movies, realities, TV shows and documentaries. In addition, since then, Netflix has received major updates.
The best Netflix series
Netflix has support for 3D Touch , Picture-in-Picture support , and now allows you to download videos for playback without an Internet connection.
And, without further delay ... We started!

Stranger Things

One of the best series of the moment, an ideal series to pass a little fear but not terrified at all. A group of children discover that in their town begin to happen very mysterious things ...

The OA

A blind girl is kidnapped and, after many years, escapes and regains vision. The series investigates the curious visions of experiences near death. Highly recommend. Fascinating the performance of the antagonist.

The Girls of the Cable

It is one of the new series of Netflix for this year, and is produced in Spain. It is based in 1928, it focuses on four women employed in a telecommunications company.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a superheroine who works as a private detective and finds herself again with a villain who can control the minds of people.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage, another of Marvel's superheroes, has super strength and is determined to do everything to improve his neighborhood ... The setting is amazing, a very catchy soundtrack, lots of action, lots of jazz, and lots of cafes ...

Iron Fist

Iron Fist, another series of superheroes, invites us to meet "Iron Fist". The story is very appealing, the series has a mystical air that hooks from minute one, when they tell us the origins of their super powers.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a spin-off of the popular series Breaking Bad that tells us the adventures of Jim McGill, later known as Saul Goodman. It has an incredible narrative, some amazing planes, brutal cliffhangers and some absolutely splendid performances. It's all good, man!

House of Cards

Finally, we recommend taking a look at the latest season of House of Cards, a policy series in which you meet a somewhat corrupt United States president.

Download Netflix

You can get the free Netflix app on iOS from here:

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