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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The debate continues: Apple sues Qualcomm for double charging

It seems to be that the Cupertino company and its patent maker for the creation of its processors, Qualcomm, continue face-to-face, demand-after-demand. The company led by Tim Cook accuses the CPU manufacturer of charging double what they are allowed by law to change the use of their patents . This increase in price is due to the fact that it charges twice the final price, the first to make the corresponding use of its patents and the second to use the chip that takes advantage of the technology.
Such things are seen every day in the world of electronics, but not against the sector giant, Apple. The strategy that Qualcomm has used to double the fee for the use of its patents is called double-dipping , basically means double charging for one thing, that is, double . As we all know, these two large companies, each in its own sector, have had their problems with each other very recently. This would not be the first time that Apple has sued Qualcomm , because the first one was due to the inflation of the rates imposed by this company.

What has happened to make an Apple collaboration so bad?

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The Cupertino company is well known for collaborating with other brands from different sectors, which are the most or most successful in their world, for example, the recent ties between Apple and Nike , with the new sneakers that can be connected To AppleWatch . Like Qualcomm, it all started collaborative, but it seems that what began in a friendly way and with possible future projects, has ended up as what could be one of the biggest legal wars in the history of the world of electronics.
Apple vs. Qualcomm
If the demand that the company of Tim Cook has presented against Qualcomm would finish successfully, the company of processors and hardware would lose a great percentage of its annual income . The best thing is that this defense strategy by Apple has already been used previously by themselves and also with a great success against Lexmark.
Both sides are defending themselves as they can to the press and the media, but our beloved apple has all the winnings, given that they have the best lawyers and evidence in the world to send Qualcomm to bankruptcy if need be. Something is clear: anyone who wants legal problems with Apple is crazy .

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