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Monday, June 19, 2017

The European Union committed to improving Internet security

Today, insecurity is one of the aspects that has brought greater concern to large corporations worldwide, as well as the Internet users themselves. Daily they bombard us with news that predict the lack of security and the continuous espionage of the state security agencies.
On the other hand, since the beginning of the Internet, cyber security has been committed . A priori is something "reassuring" but complete security does not exist, as we have seen in one of the most famous cyber attacks: wannacry.
The encryption is another aspect of vital importance to ensure total security of our communications. Despite this, there is no absolute and complete encryption implemented today . That is why this has been one of the most important problems currently, and the reason why have appeared new organizations that defend this type of security.

Complete security: total encryption of communications

As reflected in the title of the article, the European Parliament would have submitted a proposal to apply extreme encryption in all communications . If this was done properly, we would be guaranteed complete integrity and confidentiality of the data , if no organization could access them.
The police would also not have access to this data . Perhaps this triggers in a problematic in the cases of terrorism, since it could be used by the criminals themselves. That is why countries like UK have shown their rejection to this implementation, also supporting the complete elimination of the encryptions to facilitate the tasks of security and police tracking.
FBI Agents Investigate
Finally it will be up to us to wait for the different European leaders to dictate the final result of this proposal . From my point of view would be very positive for the user, although small parentheses should be made in criminal cases.

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