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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The evolution of Apple over 40 years

To this day when we hear about something related to electronics, be it a computer or a phone, the first thing that comes to mind is an iPhone product. Those of Cupertino started very strong a little more than 40 years ago, because in 1976, in the garage of their parents , were 3 fans to this universe that seems to have no end called electronics, with many dreams.

The beginning of everything

Steve Jobs
On April 1 of that same year, our beloved parents and founders of Apple, Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, with the help Ronald Wayne originated what we nowadays know as the apple bite company. The company went from being in a garage tinkering with cables to make an incredible jump to the list of Fortune 500 , specifically in the position 411, this without even having spent a decade since its beginning.
At present the minimum that usually have the computers, as far as RAM refers, usually is from 6 onwards, but at that time, their first computer, the Apple I, had 8 KB of RAM and 256 of ROM memory . The features of the Apple I can be comparable to that of a calculator today or even lower, but by that time was a step for humanity in the world of electronics . Nowadays there are very few that still work and their price reaches true barbarities in the auctions.

The first iMac

Steve Jobs and the Macintosh
It is said that Apple was the pioneer company to incorporate a graphical interface to a computer, this is a myth of the many that this company has , although this information is false, they were really close to take that prestige. 8 years after the birth of the Cupertino company, the first Macintosh , the father of all the iMac and MacBook of today, was released.

The iPhone revolution

Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone in 2007
As Steve Jobs has demonstrated to the world, there is always something to learn and many things to improve on. The WWDC launch of 2007, 10 years ago , when our dear Steve was still with us presenting the then-new iPhone 2G or iPhone Classic. Not even Apple's expected the revolutionary explosion that marked the iPhone for the world , because it changed the term of mobile phone in all its variants.

Bye Steve

Portrait of Steve Jobs
Like the previously mentioned, Steve Jobs, does not meet with us, physically at least. The death of Steve 6 years ago marked a before and after in Apple , on the one hand positive but for another negative, as it left a very important void in all Apple followers, was a genius and a visionary like no other, knew What he wanted and worked for.
His death had a great positive impact as far as Apple's revenues are concerned, the latest products that Steve was able to present became genuine treasures. Although he is no longer with us, we can still see characteristic features of his personality in the products that the company manufactures today and it is these types of things that make the company what it is today.

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