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Friday, June 23, 2017

The first images of a possible iOS 11 Jailbreak come to light

Since the iOS 10 version, the company's engineers have invested a lot of effort to avoid any attempt to jailbreak . During all this time, those of Cupertino have been anticipating to any indication of Jailbreak, although they were known versions in process.
On the other hand, remember that one of the great protagonists of the conference of Apple was undoubtedly the launch of iOS 11 . This new version of the operating system of the company comes with great novelties with the aim of expanding the functionality of the iPad and improving the user experience . In fact, the beta of iOS 11 has been available for a few weeks.

The safety of iOS 11 is called into question

Everything indicates that the Cupertino have started the new era of iOS 11 with bad foot, as it has come to light a first version of the Jailbreak for the beta . It should be noted that some images have been filtered in which the hacking itself is reflected. It seems that these photographs were shown at the Mobile Security conference in the Chinese city of Shanghai.
Apparently, these security engineers would have released a version for iOS 10.3.2 compatible with 64-bit processors and would have one ready for iOS 11 , as reflected in the different photos.
Note that it is more than likely that this version does not see the light to the public , since the main objective would be to help the Californian firm to solve the different vulnerabilities of its operating system.
Again, a group of engineers have shown us that absolute security does not exist , and that there is still a long way to go before getting a mostly secure system. However, let us note that this is a version under test and improvement.

Without a doubt, this new discovery benefits Apple, as it would be able to solve these security breaches before officially launching the version of iOS 11 to the public.

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