Monday, June 19, 2017

The incredible security in the AirPorts

Apple routers, the AirPorts, are the safest thing you can buy today in the electronics market , since neither the CIA computer experts, commonly called hackers, have been able to access one of These devices to exercise control and seize it in the hope of getting private and important data that can pass through this. This rumor was asserted by sources from WikiLeaks.
As we have been able to verify, it seems that the age of these gadgets dedicated to granting us Wi-Fi as would a normal router does not influence at all when it comes to testing its operation. Since today all the companies provide us with one of these devices for free along with its corresponding installation in our home, is one of the main reasons why Apple is failing to manufacture , although this is much higher than the rest, But as we already know, the company's products of the bite apple do their job and are worth their price .
Central Intelligence Agency operatives, the CIA, used a type of software that could make any router vulnerable and all the content and information it carried through its corresponding Wi-Fi, but as we mentioned above, the efforts Of these people were useless and failed to gain access to these, which says a lot of Apple itself and their long talks about the privacy and security d they offer their customers.
Picture of an AirPort Extreme with Wi-Fi ac
It can be seen that CIA computer scientists, along with Claymore's commonly used tool for this type of task, organized a whole project with a codename: Harpy Eagle_ to carry out this function, but it is seen that between the Encryption that this router of Apple carries with it added to the hardware of the AirPort and its perfectly optimized software , made that this mission by the hackers was impossible to complete successfully.
Not only are they the company with the best customer support and guarantee they have, but also, bulletproof as they could check in their own meats the computer science of one of the most important agencies in the world such as the CIA. They may not be the most modern, nor the fastest, but they were made by Apple to last and carry out its function .
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