Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The iPhone 8 could launch in September, but with only 4 million units

Normally every year there are rumors that the iPhone is going to be delayed, but this year we're having a lot more rumors of this kind than usual, so much so that we're already starting to think that the iPhone 8 is going To be delayed or, if you do not, it will be super hard to get, because your launch will be limited.
Today we get another rumor, this time from Digitimes , which quotes the usual "sources of industry," and says there is a delay in production of the iPhone 8 due to the shortage of supplies OLED panels and certain problems In its assembly .
Samsung will be the exclusive manufacturer of the OLED panels of 5.8 inches for the iPhone 8, but it seems that the manufacture of these panels is delaying, to the point that, according to Digitimes article, in September there will only be ready between 3 and 4 Millions of iPhones :
"Judging by the current supply of OLED panels, it will be difficult for Apple to send 50-60 million new OLED iPhones in 2017, sources have indicated."
Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron's iPhone assembly plants have hired thousands of employees to meet production demand, and TSMC began manufacturing the A11 processors for next-generation iPhones in May. Everything is underway, and the only problem seems to be the OLED panels, so the delay, in principle, should not affect the two iPhones with LCD screen which, according to rumors, Apple will also launch in September: the iPhone 7s and The iPhone 7s Plus .
Although everyone expects Apple to host the event to present their next generation iPhone in September, as usual, there have been several rumors that have indicated that the iPhone 8 might not go on sale until October , or even later.
If the new report turns out to be true, and Apple launches the iPhone 8 with only 4 million units in stock, it will be quite difficult to get one in September, considering that Apple normally sells more than 10 million of its new iPhones only in The weekend of its launch.
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