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Monday, June 26, 2017

The jailbreak comes to iOS 11, is it still worth it?

Just a few days after knowing the second beta of iOS 11, and when not a month has passed since the launch of the first, has already presented the jailbreak of this version of Apple's mobile operating system .
Said jailbreak has been developed by Liang Chen (Keen Security Lab of Tencent). In this post we tell you the news and also analyze if in full 2017 is still worth jailbreak to your device.

Jailbreak is not yet available for users

At the MOSEC 2017 (Digital Mobility Conference) held in Shanghai showed the beta 2 of iOS 11 with jailbreak. This was shown by Min Zheng (Alibaba security engineer) in his Twitter account.
It was at the Digital Mobility Conference (MOSEC 2017) in Shanghai where he  showed the beta 2 of iOS 11 under Jailbreak  and Min Zheng, senior security engineer at Alibaba company has shared it on his Twitter.
In addition , the jailbreak of iOS 10.3.2 (last released version of iOS) has also been shown, leaving out non-64 bit devices (iPhone 5 and 5c).
It must be said that said jailbreak has not been presented to the public, and does not seem to be seen in the short term. Therefore those who are determined to install it should wait.

Is it still worth installing?

Today seems to be less and less users who decide to install it and although it is interesting to do so, at least contemplate the option, we must be realistic and think objectively if it really deserves.
It should be remembered that when the first jailbreak was launched iOS 3 ran under a lot of limitations, so this was a more interesting option to give our devices a wide range of possibilities that Apple had not implemented.
In the middle of 2017, with an iOS 10 so improved compared to those early versions, and an iOS 11 that is about to arrive with so many new features, it seems clear that it does not pay . At least that's my point of view.
Jailbreak on iPhone
Jailbreak allows you to customize iOS with more features
When the jailbreak was installed in the past, it was often the option to implement some small detail that could not be had in the official version . Good example was the ability to have multitasking on the iPad, something that was possible with the jailbreak but that even iOS 10 was not officially launched by Apple.
Another great point against the official and jailbreak version is the possibility to add a button to activate or deactivate the mobile data from the control center although fortunately, iOS 11 will have that option in its revamped control center.
The jailbreak will continue to provide functions that the official version does not bring, otherwise it would not make sense that it existed. However, I think that the difference in possibilities between the two versions is not so great because of the positive progress that iOS has undergone in recent years.
The jailbreak has brought us great improvements that have been implemented in the operating system of Apple, as they were widely used. Without going any further, we still see things that we only do with jailbreaking that we do not have in iOS 11, and they are the gestures, that made life easier for us to open different screens on our iPhone, and I hope to implement the Apple ones.

Considerations when jailbreaking

You should also take into account certain points of which we may have doubts and that entails rootear our terminals.
- Backup copies:  If your device has the official version released by Apple should not have problems doing backup, but with the jailbreak on your mobile could be made more complicated. In addition they do not guarantee to recover your data when restoring the phone to the official version.
-Warranty:  You should know that Apple removes the warranty of a product with jailbreak, but it is not as much problem this as the previous ones because we will always be able to restore the device of factory and will not be any trace, reason why we can take it to an Apple Store No problem. We recommend reading this article published months ago on the web in relation to this topic.


Rooting or not rooting, that's the question. Each one is free to make with his device what he thinks appropriate in this sense. But if you want to know my personal opinion is that it is not worth doing , since you have more things to lose than news to win.

As I said in previous lines, we will always find more in a jailbreak than in an official version, but today there are so many things that we will find or be as useful as those already incorporated iOS natively.

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