Friday, June 23, 2017

The latest photos from a satellite reveal the progress of the Apple Park

Many are the recent news related to the opening and plans that the great leading company in the electronics market based in Cupertino, Apple, plans to do in the near future. One of them is the addition to a new work building, a new plant of this company, the Apple Park , which has been under construction since 2015 and it seems that apple bite is working hard to complete this project as soon as possible .
This large circular building will be Apple's new home, an unprecedented home with unparalleled dimensions when compared to the rest of the headquarters of any company in the world, not just companies dedicated to electronics. Much is said about its progress and the way it progresses with the passage of time , as we have said before, this building has already 2 years since the construction began.
The majority of the advances that the Apple Park suffers can not be differentiated of another way than the privileged view that only the satellites have. That is why a company called Planet Labs, just released a video that only lasts 18 seconds in which we can appreciate the changes that has experienced this new great headquarters of Apple.
This company acquired seven satellites that they bought from Google earlier this year . It seems that Planet Labs is taking advantage of these artifacts that bought the great G, since they are about to sell the photos they made to the evolution of Apple Park, and as we know the company Cupertino has a lot of Followers who would pay a large amount of money for having these images.
Apple in Cupertino
One of the latest news about the Apple Park is that they are looking for workers who play the role of a tour guide for all fans and followers of Apple who want to approach the facilities when the new venue is ready to enter and see what is the Building in its entirety, interior, cafeteria, etc.
When we saw 2 years ago the plans of this project we were perplexed because it looked like a movie. Never until today have we seen something similar, so futuristic and so detailed, but if someone had to be the first to do it who better than the Cupertino company .
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