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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The most fascinating iOS graphic adventures for iPhone and iPad

The iOS App Store hides a wide variety of games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. On this occasion we will recommend a list with the most spectacular graphic adventure games on iOS . Some of them are older and some are brand new. But they are all fascinating!

Old Man's Journey

Recently awarded as one of the best design games of the App Store, this title tells a story of beautiful moments in life, broken dreams and changes of plans.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

A graphic adventure for iPhone and iPad that will lead you to discover the journey undertaken by two brothers in order to save their father. Awesome graphics.

Never Alone: ​​Ki Edition

Never Alone: ​​Ki Edition tells a touching story of Nuna, a young man from the Iñupiaq people of Alaska, and his fox. Together they will have to discover the origin of a dangerous eternal blizzard.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 recently came to the App Store. It is true that it is not really a graphic adventure as such, but its fantastic graphics and nice story could well define this game in that category.

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands is an extremely fun game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You will have to control the decisions made by two characters, thus changing the consequences. A lot of humor, good graphics and a well-crafted adventure.

Submerged: Miku and the Sunken City

Little is known about this new graphic adventures game for iPhone and iPad from the iOS App Store, in fact it is the only one on this list that we have not had a chance to try. But we have seen their gameplay on video, and we can say without a doubt that it is wonderful both in terms of gameplay and graphics and narrative level. Do not miss their soundtrack.

Monster of the Uncharted Seas

Oceanhorn is the "Zelda" of iOS, a graphic adventure in which you must find secret treasures, travel the ocean among mysterious islands, face all kinds of creatures and live a magical story.

The Walking Dead: Michonne

There are many titles of The Walking Dead in the iOS App Store, but we wanted to recommend The Walking Dead: Michonne because it is a different delivery as a spin-off that tells the story of one of the most emblematic characters in the universe TWD.

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