Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is more powerful than the MacBook Pro

Some of the devices featured in WWDC 2017 have already been released and can be purchased from any Apple Store. This has happened with the MacBook, iMac and iPad models that are already available for purchase .
Much has been said about the Macs during these weeks, in which Apple demonstrated that it wanted to give everything with this family of computers and laptops . This only shows us the low demand of the public for products such as tablets and specifically the iPad.
However, after the new iPad Pro model introduced by the Californians in its developer conference, some media have tested this product to see if it is as powerful as they say from Apple , or is just a formula to try to revive the market. The tablets.
Comparative ipad pro macbook pro
Now thanks to a specialized means in this type of tests, we know if Apple deceives us with the power of their iPad or not. Specifically the tests are done on both the CPU and the GPU. Also in this case, this new 10.5-inch iPad has been compared to a 13-inch MacBook Pro , specifically with the model without the TouchBar of 2016.
Referring to the CPUs of both devices we can see that in the tests both single-core and multi-core, have a clear winner for the part of the iPad that while in the first beating the Mac, in the second test shows with Quite a difference that is the most powerful.
Comparative ipad pro macbook pro
For its part and already referring to GPU of the two products, the A10X graphics chip of the iPad model once again shows great superiority over the Intel chip that mounts the MacBook , proving that Apple did speak very seriously when talking about a IPad as powerful as a computer.
Undoubtedly these are great news for a product that without being the best sold by Californians, meets for that user who wants power and ease of transport . Perhaps the only problem with these iPad Pro is that we will have to buy a keyboard if we want to work comfortably with it.
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