Friday, June 23, 2017

The new Apple Store in Chicago has a giant MacBook on the roof

The company of the apple raises a great expectation by almost anything, obtaining that all means of the technological world try to get the news the first ones . In this way, the media will always echo any patent, rumor, forecast of some expert, and even future stores and their design that will open Apple in the coming months.
Today is the great news that comes from the United States, where Apple does not hide that already prepares a new Apple Store in Chicago , this time with a unique design and sure to surprise and please all lovers of apple products.
We already have the first images of this new store of Cupertino, located in one of the most emblematic locations of the city , next to the bridge of Michigan Avenue.
Apple Store chicago ceiling macbook
This great new construction looks impressive even without being finished thanks to its glass walls, detail that we have already seen in various Apple Store around the world , but the most striking of this construction is neither on its walls nor inside with The two plants that will integrate the Apple Store, but on its roof.
Apple has opted for a breakthrough design that would integrate a carbon fiber roof and apple logo in the purest style Apple, and remember not to say that is exactly the same as the design of any MacBook today .
Apple Store chicago ceiling macbook
Perhaps the only striking point of this great design is that the logo located in the center of this roof of the future store, has a clear tone imitating the MacBook a couple of generations ago which had lit his apple , unlike Of what is happening now where these laptops have the logo in dark.
What is more than clear is that when this new Apple Store is listed, it will be part of that list of apple store stores that attract attention and attract both own and outsiders to see its interior, and enjoy its design And because of the products inside.
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